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     Right on schedule, the cleaner pushed herself to the max in order to make a revolting home recognizably appealing again. Moreover, the fee was quite REASONABLE in comparison!
Lucia Larson06/07/2023
     Cleaning isn't really my thing. I don't know where to start. I'd tried several cleaning services in the past but had been less than impressed with the results. Most companies do decently in one aspect of the cleaning service but rush through others. Cleaning Companies Frognal did no such thing. I'm so glad I tried out this company this time around. Their team did a remarkable job, paid attention to detail and cleaned everything thoroughly. A top team!
Anna Y19/05/2020
     A great carpet cleaning company. No matter how dirty your carpets get, CarpetCleaningFrognal will get the job done right. Best service.
Kurt Gail20/09/2019
     If it weren't for FrognalCarpetCleaners, now I would be shopping for a new carpet and my old one would be lying in some tip. They delivered an incredible carpet cleaning service and literary gave my old carpet a new lease of life. I thought its colours had faded completely, but it turned out it was just accumulated dirt and all it needed was a good clean. Thank you!
Jason R.28/09/2016
     After a big storm my windows were looking a little worse for wear. Usually I just give the insides a wipe and let the rain take care of the outside, but that wasn't an option at this point so I called Cleaning Companies Frognal. They cleared away all the dirt and debris from my windows in no time at all, and they didn't charge me the earth for it either. I'm amazed at the difference proper window cleaning can make, and I'm even considering making it a regular service!
Alex Hemming 10/02/2016
     After my recent job promotion, I could finally afford to move into a new house and that's when a friend suggested that I contacted Frognal Carpet Cleaning for end of tenancy cleaning services. They helped me get my deposit back from the landlord in no time, even leaving the landlord completely impressed with the look of the place. It's quite hard to relocate into a new place and the hassle of leaving my old house without leaving behind any loose threads was reduced thanks to them. I don't think I could have received such efficient cleaning service from any other cleaning company.
Andrea G.08/05/2015
     I had a bad back and wanted some help in the home with my housework. My sister recommended a cleaning company she had used from time to time. FrognalCarpetCleaners were wonderful. They did a great job. The staff sorted a meeting to discuss the work I wanted help with and told me a price, which I thought was very fair. Cleaning day arrived and the entire process went so well. The workers were very competent. I really appreciated the service.
Jana Bell24/11/2014
     Before yesterday, I'd never hired a cleaner in my entire life. It's something that's never really felt right to me - why should I rely on someone to clean up after me? That, and inviting strangers into my home isn't something that I really wanted to do! FrognalCarpetCleaners made a convert out of me though. I understand now, that a cleaner shouldn't be your only solution. They exist to lessen the burden, not to take it away and that is why I hired them. Cleaning the home after a hard day's work is tiring, and this company allows me relax once in a while. My first experience with a professional cleaner was a positive one, and it probably won't be my last!
Richie Y.21/08/2014