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Upholstery Cleaning Frognal nw3

Frognal Carpet Cleaners is proud to offer a comprehensive upholstery and furniture cleaning service. Our NW3 upholstery cleaners are highly trained and experienced, and use the latest equipment and products to ensure your furniture looks as good as new. We understand that a lot of dirt and dust can be attracted to furniture, making it look faded and worn, so allow us to take care of all upholstery cleaning needs you have.

Whether it's fabric modern or traditional furniture, our Frognal upholstery cleaning team guarantee that all items will be cleaned in the most efficient way possible. Sofa cleaning is something we are renowned for, but we also offer our services for stairs, armchairs, sofas, cushion covers, car interiors and mattress cleaning too. Every job is taken seriously and given the attention it deserves - no matter how large or small the project may be!

Our NW3 upholstery cleaners use specialised techniques to identify any areas which require special treatment, ensuring every single part of your furnishings get the best possible clean. All products used by us are non-toxic and eco-friendly, meaning your family's indoor air quality isn't affected by powerful toxins being used during the process. As well as being safe for children and pets, these eco-friendly products also cause minimal disruption - leaving only freshness behind!

Furniture Cleaning: The Way it Should Be Done

Here at Frognal Carpet Cleaners, our Frognal upholstery cleaning team take pride in using premium methods to take care of your furniture cleaning needs. We understand that frequent maintenance is required when it comes to taking care of furniture correctly, so trust us with all your upholstery needs today. We also know that finding experienced professionals who use top-of-the-range equipment designed specifically for fabric furniture is hard to find; that's why we make sure you don't need to worry about where you source your sofa cleaning services from any longer.

The Process

Our NW3 upholstery cleaners follow the same process for each piece of furniture they attend: Firstly, they pre-treat any stains or marks before lightly vacuuming the item with a powerful machine. Once this has been completed, a strong yet gentle foam cleaner is applied which reaches into fabrics at a deeper level. It then soaks into the material for several minutes before a gentle brushing tool helps spread the cleaner across the surface area - ensuring an even finish on all items throughout the process. Finally we towel dry the fabric causing bacteria and remaining dirt particles to be removed immediately before using a powerful extraction device which removes any moisture - leaving behind an attractive finish in no time!

We guarantee you will not experience any disruption within your home while one of our Frognal upholstery cleaners are working on your property; thanks to our advanced technology which means we can complete jobs quickly with minimal noise pollution. Plus there is no need to worry about lifting heavy sofa pieces either; we are more than happy to help move them around if necessary.

Whether you're looking for mattress cleaning or car interior cleaning services, call Call Now! or contact us via our website to discuss what we can do for you. Our experienced professionals use non-toxic products which are safe for everyone in the household - leaving nothing but freshness in its place!

Why is it that people so rarely clean their furniture and upholstery in comparison to other items and places in the house? We clean our kitchens and floors regularly, and the same goes for our bathrooms too. Given the amount of dirt and dust that is attracted to our furniture and upholstery, we should probably pay more attention. This is why we provide a Frognal upholstery cleaning service to anybody who thinks their furniture is looking a bit faded and worn. Our NW3 upholstery cleaners will do all they can to remove the dirt and stains, using up to date equipment and products. Furniture and sofa cleaning is our speciality, so get in touch with us today.